Freedom From Fiat

The reBrand/

Perhaps one of the most challenging rebrandings we’ve faced. The widely used, modified and unstandardized “Bitcoin” moniker became a recognized unicode currency symbol whilst designing a new brand for This triumph for the currency and technology needed full support from This characterful unicode rendition both invites noobs and inspires patrons.

A Whole New Customer.

The Site Design/

A brand is more than a logo, it’s an entire experience. With the reinvention of the brand, a new UI / UX was designed to educate and motivate a community of forward thinkers.

Our experience working with leading blockchain technology brands, software, applications and products presented an opportunity to work with perhaps the most prominent web environment in the community. is host to millions of inquiring minds every month, educating and providing helpful tools for a new generation of money savvy.

  • CoinDesk

    Leader In Blockchain News & Events

  • Salt Lending

    Blockchain-Backed Loans™

    Salt Lending

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