The fastest cryptocurrency exchange on earth.

The safest, fastest way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

ShapeShift replaces the complicated cryptocurrency exchange experience. No knowledge of order books and exchanges is needed – just one cryptocurrency you have, and another you want. We were beyond excited to work on this exciting and groundbreaking project. ShapeShift changed the financial world and continues to do so everyday.

Project Goals

  • Branding
  • UX & Interactive Design
  • Web & Mobile Application Development

“IBN is diligent in the measured steps they take, enabling ShapeShift to become one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Ideas by Nature is undoubtedly part of our success.”


Erik Voorhees

About The ShapeShift Brand

When Erik came to us, he had an idea… and a name. Having a pedigree in cryptocurrency exchanges, he wanted to imagine something completely new. ShapeShift’s vision was to allow for anyone to acquire cryptocurrencies faster, and more of them.

The problem is that cryptocurrencies are complicated and ever worse, scary to transact with when just getting started. Erik wanted to deliver a product that removed these barriers to entry. ShapeShift has become a household name and a brand that resonates with not just bitcoiners, but everyone.

Brand Colors

These colors have been specially selected for use with promotional and auxiliary materials. The Light and Dark Blue colors are pulled from the Fox mark itself.

Light Blue

CMYK 3, 50, 20, 2
RGB 84, 118, 158
CMYK 54769E

Dark Blue

CMYK 85, 68, 38, 22
RGB 53, 77, 106

Background Blue

CMYK 88, 71, 46, 38
RGB 39, 60, 81
CMYK 273C51

UX & Interactive Design

We used modern styles and elements to drive an open and minimal interface design. Openness and bare minimum tools instill a sense of calm and ability to use such a powerful exchange. Modern responsive design solutions align perfectly with the minimalist layouts. Combined, this allowed us to deliver the same simplified interface and user experience to all users across all platforms and devices.