A revolution in digital game distribution and ownership.

Branding the Future of Gaming: 

Equiti is a platform that allows gamers to buy, sell, and trade their games on the Ethereum blockchain. We worked with the Equiti team to create a brand that would match the potential of the concept and the passion of their team.
Once branding was complete, we began work on the platform. We created a functional prototype of an infrastructure that allows users to buy, sell, and trade their games on the Equiti platform. This included development of a smart-contract infrastructure and connected ERC20 token. The brand and prototype helped their team win a $2 million prize at the F50 Founder World Championship.

Project Goals

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • UX & Interactive Design
  • DAPP Prototype Development
Users can buy, sell and trade their games on the open market through an ERC 721 token architecture. This, combined with a native ERC 20 token, delivers unparalleled control over digital game assets.

The Equiti Brand

The brand we were creating needed to speak both to gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. Both groups embrace the future of technology and are early adopters. To align with these characteristics, we created a spaceman character for the brand.

This spaceman is moving forward through space, representing Equiti as a future-looking company in both the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors. We chose to show the character holding a flag, symbolizing that Equiti is the flag bearer for innovation in both of these areas.

Building Excitement 

We wanted to create a color scheme for the brand that resonated with the technology itself. For this we chose a red to orange gradient that would be eye-catching in marketing materials but would also work well in user interface designs. This, combined with a rich shade of purple helped to bring the Equiti brand to life.


Implementing the Brand 

The Equiti platform uses a native ERC20 token as an on-platform currency. One specific challenge with this brand was creating a token icon that could be used on the platform and represented on external sites like asset exchanges.

Early Concepts

Functional Interface Design

The Ideas By Nature design team created a functional prototype where users could buy, sell, and trade their digital game assets on a variety of different devices.