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A New Identity

We originally worked with Digital Currency Group during their acquisition of then London based CoinDesk, to reimagine and refine the annual Consensus Conference to be the largest, most prestigious blockchain technology conference in the world. Concluding this tremendous two-year effort, CoinDesk was ready to update their identity alongside their evolving product offering, growing community, and seat amongst other successful DCG subsidiaries.

Project Goals

  • Product Strategy
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • User Experience Research & Design
CoinDesk publishes The State of Blockchain – the ultimate, must-read analysis on the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The CoinDesk Brand

CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events, and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. As you can imagine, rebranding any well-established media company is always a unique challenge.

Our goal was to create an identity that would consistently resonate with its millions of loyal readers, while also bringing a modern, minimal, and elegant touch to their identity.

Understanding Evolution

We worked closely with the CoinDesk team to understand the evolution, growth, and new core values they had gone through in the past 2 years, and since their acquisition. Having a concise strategy allowed us to create a modern brand that would build on their existing pedigree and recognition. Additionally, the new identity accomplished the tactical goals of a media outlet. Most importantly, simple, bold, and identifiable.

Brand Colors

These colors have been specially selected for use with promotional and auxiliary materials. The Yellow and Dark Gray colors are slight updates from the brand colors used in the original brand. We lightened the black slightly from the original brand to give more depth and subtlety to the rebrand. Since yellow had become synonymous with Coin Desk, we decided to keep the yellow very similar to the original color to maintain the brand recognition they had already built.

CoinDesk Gold

CMYK 1, 25, 98, 0
RGB 251, 193, 27


CMYK 44, 25, 0, 87
RGB 18, 28, 32
HEX 121820

UX & Interactive Design

Once we solidified the new strategy and brand direction, we then moved to create an interactive design system around the new brand aesthetic. We started with the goals that the updated product experience would need to accomplish, such as ad revenues, a sale of premium products like research and reader acquisition. We then applied these goals in researched designs, conducting A/B tests with control groups. Ultimately, analytics, strategy, and testing were the drivers for creating an updated and evolution-ready web and mobile user experience and design.

Research & Inspiration

News and media is being consumed in new and interesting ways. For this reason we looked at the leaders in delivering financial and technology new and current events. We worked to create a variety of user experiences and prototypes, ultimately engaging user testing to assure we shipped the most effective web layouts and mobile app interfaces.