A leader in cryptocurrency market statistics. By scraping hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinCap provides reliable asset prices and market movement, allowing users to make the right moves at the right time.

Real time cryptocurrency market data, with a pulse.

CoinCap provides the market data and insider information needed to navigate the financial ecosystem of cryptocurrency. aggregates over 7,000 different exchanges to provide accurate and real-time market movement for over 1,000 different tokens and assets.

Project Goals

  • Branding
  • UX & Interactive Design
  • Blockchain Tech Consulting
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

Real time cryptocurrency market data, with a pulse.

About The CoinCap Brand

Coincap is one of the leading sources for coin market information. As the crypto-currency ecosystem matured, it was prudent for the Coincap brand to mature with it.

This new brand keeps the graphing elements and the playful nature of the original brand, while being cleaner, easier to use, and more professional.

The near-future goal of the Coincap product is to become THE leading source for coin market information, and as such should appeal to everyone from HODLers and hobbyists to institutional investors.

Earlier Concepts

Brand Icons

Our goal for the CoinCap mobile app icon was to create a design that conveyed the brand accurately while standing out on a cluttered mobile device home screen.

Brand Transformation

See a complete transformation from the old CoinCap brand to the new. The new styled roundness and font treatment give the logo a more modern look.

Brand Colors

These colors have been specially selected for use with promotional and auxiliary materials. The blue and green colors are bright and vibrant, creating a more friendly and energetic feel than the previous brand.

Dark Green

RGB 24, 198, 131
HEX 18C683

Light Blue

RGB 84, 118, 158
HEX 54769E

Light Green

RGB 79, 237, 173

Light Purple

RGB 89, 89, 252
HEX 5959FC


RGB 0, 0, 0
HEX 000000

Research & Inspiration

When experimenting with possible concepts, we explored everything from simple modernizations, to completely new marks. One thing was certain – we wanted to keep the brand’s playful, energetic nature amidst the communication of data visualization. ‘Entertaining market data’ is the cornerstone of the CoinCap brand.