From Seed-to-Sell, We’ll Develop Superior Products for your Cannatech Platform

Starting your own business is a keen reflection on your unique journey. It represents one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer.

Entrepreneurship is certainly one of the roads less traveled. It is riddled with a myriad of obstacles, most of them difficult to overcome. Startups do not always possess the tools, knowledge, resources, or funding to become successful.

Ask yourself one important question. Are you doing everything to launch your business in the most foolproof way possible?

Ideas by Nature is here to help you succeed.

Blockhain for Tracking and Validation?

Sourcing quality CBD and cannabis from seed-to-sell has been an arduous task for many startups. We’ll take on the challenge and responsbility with you. We’ll scope your project and provide quality development and design for your tracking and validation platform. You’ll also recieve development on top of a public blockchain. This will provide your customers with:

  • Immutable record-keeping
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Secure
  • Variable
  • Noncorruptable

Are you building an Appelletions Platform ?

Many companies are searching for technologies and methods that allow them to name their grows to express quality and locational strains via appellations. The wine industry has successfully done this to show off quality vineyards and winemakers. In the Cannabis and CBD industry the race for territorial dominance is under way. At Ideas by Nature, we recognize this shift, and seek to leverage blockchain to help companies design state of the art appellations applications.

Cannatech Website UX and Design?

Your CBD or Cannatech website may require some extra finesse to drive customers to your landing page. Ideas by Nature will help you design, develop, and implement a website that has magnetic appeal to rally your customer base.

We will design the UX with you, and when we have pieced the parts together, make sure it resonates with your brand identity. We can also conduct tests and experiments to make certain your website functions according to your customer’s needs.

Depending on your requirements, we can do card sorting, usability testing, and impression tests. These are important considerations for driving traffic and generating conversions.

Not sure where your startup is at?

Every startup is unique, sometimes it works best to create a customized approach to your startup needs. We can help with that. Please fill out our questionnaire below and our experts will let you know how we can assist you. Our greatest goal is for you and your startup to be a success!