Marketing Mainstream For Blockchain


We have been asked by clients to manage their market strategy, marketing, and advertising efforts for years. Here’s why we weren’t then, why we are NOW, and what to expect.

First, A Super-Quick Background

We were founded in 2011 with a desire to build better designed mobile and web experiences. Since inception, we’ve been passionate to leverage emerging technology solutions like AI and machine learning. By year two, we realized there were huge gaps in the process of taking an innovative idea from concept to launch. So, we poured into designing a more successful system for revealing the critical business opportunities, MVP needs, and intuitive user experiences.

In 2013, we became interested in blockchains. In 2014 we launched our debut blockchain technology product, ShapeShift. 

It’s 2019 and we’ve designed some 50+ brands, products, technologies, and businesses in the blockchain and financial technology space. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Why Roll Out Marketing Now?

You Do Marketing, Right?

No. 🙂

This was the response we’ve begrudgingly been giving for the past 8 years. Over that time period, our clients have been asking us why we can’t “do their marketing.” The reason was slightly deeper than just specialization for us. We really wanted to focus on developing thoughtful brands and well-designed products. More so, we wanted to develop an expertise in designing user experiences for using complicated new technology.

When we shifted our product design skills into the emerging technology space and particularly blockchains, there were only a few good product/market fit scenarios. Namely, financial exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and developer tool. Fast forward 5 years and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IOT are household terms. “Blockchains” and “cryptocurrency” are next with projects like Facebook’s Libra making headlines. We believe that users are about to be touching advanced technology in a BIG way and business are going to need to market to them. 

If you’ve worked with us, you’ve likely experienced our inclination to be thinking about the user’s full lifecycle with your product and importantly, where and how they FIRST encounter it.

Having the experience on our team working at marketing and creative agencies like CP&B, Havas Media, Velvet Media – working on brands like General Mills, Disney, Sphero, Maserati, Burger King – across consumer goods, illustration, television, and digital – we’ve had the chops to deliver thoughtful marketing strategies for quite some time.

We think we can do better. With the exception of a select few incredible marketing partners that we’ve exclusively worked with, we’ve seen bad care, inflated spending, and a lack of success in the new technologies space, namely blockchains. Thinking about that in reverse and from our perspective; research + creativity leads to better strategies/planning, concise spending, thoughtful adjustments, and an opportunity to care for those campaigns more closely.

What Is Our Focus

If you’ve worked in the business of advertising, you know the difference between spending the budget and everything else. Advertising technology has come a long way and really allowed for a leveling of the playing field. Because of these wonderful tools and access to ad platforms like Google, we’re focused on:

  1. Market Research to truly define your audience. Great strategies have a foundation in data
  2. Marketing Strategy that reaches audiences with unique message AND unique methods
  3. Better Creative of a more beautiful, engaging, and actionable communication design.
  4. Tech and programmatic advertising platforms that works hard and smart, on budget
  5. Goals, analysis, and retooling to not only launch a campaign but nurture it to be more successful with time.

Our team is excited to finally explore marketing, creative strategy, advertising, and public relations services with our clients. If your team is interested in learning more about engaging us please fill out this quick questionnaire. We’ll have an honest and creative conversation about what marketing services make sense for growing your business and reach. If you’d just like to learn more about our marketing services, click here